Well here we are again, on the page of a cracking voiceover artist. So what's going on at the moment you say?


I'm currently the 'mouth' for Seat UK and have been voicing their ads all year - like this one:


Also, I've been doing a bit for Amazon Prime Now. What's that? Oh sure, you can listen/see right here:


Other than that, all of my voiceover showreels and that can be found on this page at my lovely agents' website by clicking right here.


THEN you can give 'em a bell on 0207 430 2600 to book me for stuff.


OR give' em an email to book me for stuff by clicking here.

I've even got me a professional home recording studio for easy and last minute recordings. What's more, with my 20 years experience as an audio engineer, I can even mix your stuff to any broadcast spec for a much better price than all your mates can probably. So there.