Here are some nice things that people have said. People have said some horrible things as well - I mean ABSOLUTELY VILE, but I haven’t put those on here. I mean, why would I? Think about it. That would be ridiculous. 

In fact, some of the comments below could have even been edited to make them sound better than they were originally for all you know eh? But as if I’d do that! I genuinely haven't by the way. 

Anyway, here they all are:


‘It’s easy to see why he was headlining, Mark had the verve and confidence of a seasoned pro. Corking lines to satisfy, all delivered with unwavering faith’ 

 Steve Bennett - (Chortle)

‘Like Jimmy Carr before he presented mind numbing quiz shows on Channel 4 and when he was fresh, he produces comedy by inverting normal day to day topics into funny yet sickening punchlines’ 

Three Weeks

‘His off the cuff style and devil-may-care attitude was a hit with the audience, and it was clear he got a genuine thrill from making people laugh, a kind of sincerity that’s becoming more and more rare in good comedy’ 

Leicester Wave Newspaper

‘Polished, his professionalism might have told against him as he was the most ‘like a comic’ when the competition preference seemed to run in favour of youthful energy over craft.’ 

Julia Chamberlain for Chortle on Amused Moose Final 2010

‘Packed to the rafters with gags, the jokes rarely misfire. Crucially, has excellent timing and a strong sense of his audience, and these are deployed effectively, elevating this show beyond much of the free comedy on offer.’ 

Three Weeks (4 Star review)

‘Full of good cheer and quips as full and lush as his beard. A constant ripple of giggles kept his set alive and the clapping and whooping after his 30 mins showed a job well done.’

‘Came out and dropped some killer lines.’ 

Bruce Morton (Comic judging semi final of BBC Comedy Award 2011)

‘Very easy to watch, this guy deserves to be taken under the wing of the collective London audience. This is just what you are looking for and expecting from the Camden Fringe and will not only leave you amused, but uplifted too’

On the Fringe (on my Camden Fringe debut solo hour show).

‘Online dating is a hilariously embarrassing topic and that’s what makes this show an instant hit. His string of failed dates makes his desperate addiction so comical that you will be roaring with laughter.’ 

Cream of The Fringe (5 stars)

‘The show was a tightly written glimpse into the life of a man who had become so controlled by the Internet dating that it was ruining the very nature of how he interacted with other people. Restuccia was able to do what all great comics do and use jokes to deflect some of the serious or emotional discoveries he made. Mark’s pace and wonderfully self-deprecating stories makes for a fantastic show that might, just might, make you think twice about Internet dating.’

The New Current (4 stars)

‘He is a charming performer, very affable. Few initially admit to having used internet dating, yet nods and splurts of recognition escape as he discusses its foibles’ 

The Skinny


'Absolutely Brilliant' 

Sarah Farrell, Head of Comedy at Paramount

'They look great, they're professional, i'd hire these guys tomorrow' 

John Lloyd on Myspace Final - I was in a double act for one night only. 

‘I would have liked to have seen the funny double act Knock2Bag win.  ‘

Simon Hickson from Trevor & Simon - see above. Told you. 

‘They cleverly presented their internet clips as a spoof news report, and what imaginative, professionally produced sketches they were, too. The laughs come more from the direction and production of the clips, rather than in actual gags, which goes to show their expert understanding of the medium they’re working in. Expect to hear more from this duo’

Steve Bennett - Chortle - talking about that bloody double act again. 

'Knock2Bag are as prolific as they are hilarious, producing some of the simplest but most effective sketches on the web.' 

Myspace Comedy - and again.